Gear shaper 5m161PF2

Gear shaper 5m161PF2


Gear shaper 5M161PF2 after overhauling done by our company.


Interface can be English, German, Italy.


Modernized gear shaping machine, model 5M161PF2 with mechanic index change gear is an advanced model of gear shaper 5M161.

Maximum processing diameter: 1250 mm – external tooth, 1400 mm – internal tooth.

Maximum module 12.

Spindle travel 200 mm.

Technical characteristics:

1) Radial feed:

Due to change of radial feed box on modern servo drive it’s possible to deeply regulate the speed of radial feed (earlier the speed of radial feed was set by change gears). Table positioning is carried out on a digital ruler by NEWALL (England) with 1 ?m resolution. Protection class of the ruler is IP67 (moisture- and dustproof).

Earlier the machine could work only in single, two- or three-pass working cycles, penetration depth adjustment was done manually by moving the sliders. This method didn’t provide high accuracy.

Any number of cycles, depth and speed of radial penetration can be set on the machine display. Also it allows to fix detail loading and unloading point.

In cutting mode, the depth of penetration is indicated.

2) Main drive:

The kinematic scheme of the machine was simplified due to installation of the frequency inverter (there is no mechanism for outputting the gear cutter to the upper position) In cutting mode the number of double spindle strokes can be deeply regulated (earlier regulation of the number of double spindle strokes was done by changing of gears and three-speed motor).

3) New electrics:

The logic of the machine is based on a modern controller by OMRON. Four (two) servo drives are connected to the common control bus – Mechatrolink 2, which is responsible for synchronous interpolation of axes. Start-control devices are by Schneider Electric. It’s possible to pre-configure the machine, learn about the current state of the ends, hydraulics on the built-in display.

4) Work on the mechanical part:

The following works will be performedЖ

·       Grinded bed guides.

·       Inspection and adjustment of wedges, flanges.

·       Replacement of all bearings

·       Replacement of hydraulic equipment with modern Italian one by Diplomatic.

·       Painting.

Gear shaper 5m161PF2 Gear shaper 5m161PF2 Gear shaper 5m161PF2 Gear shaper 5m161PF2
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