Stanko Horizontal-boring machine 2A636F3

Stanko Horizontal-boring machine 2A636F3


The 2A636F3 horizontal boring machine in complete with a fixed front rack and a built-in rotary worktable has a retractable spindle with a diameter of 125 mm and a built-in faceplate with a radial support that expands the technological possibilities for processing holes of large diameters, cutting planes and grooves.


The machine is designed for processing body parts weighing up to 10 tons by carrying out the following technological operations:


The 2A636 machines have the following general design features:

Main technical characteristics Horizontal Boring machine 2A636:

The diameter of the spindle – 125 mm

Spindle taper – ISO50
Spindle rotation rate – 6.3- 1250 rpm

Faceplate rotation rate – 3.15-250 rpm

The radial displacement of the faceplate support – 200 mm
Table dimensions – 1600x1800 mm
Movements mm:

- worktable transversely – 2000 mm

- worktable longitudinally – 1600 mm

- spindle headstock vertically – 1600 mm
- retractable spindle – 1000 mm
Table rotation – 360 degrees
Worktable load capacity – 12,0 00 kg
Dimensions – 8700x5600x5100 mm
Weight  36 350 kg
Stanko Horizontal-boring machine 2A636F3
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