Gear Hobbing machine 5A342P

Gear Hobbing machine 5A342P
Gear Hobbing machine 5A342P Gear Hobbing machine 5A342P Gear Hobbing machine 5A342P


Machine tools model 5a342pf2 are designed for milling the teeth of cylindrical gears by rolling with a worm cutter and by the method of single division with disk or finger cutters.

The largest diameter of the processed cylindrical gears, mm 2000

Maximum length of vertical movement of the milling support, mm 900

The largest module of the processed wheel (not less), mm:

- hob cutter 20

- disc cutter 25

- finger mill 30 *

The greatest angle of inclination of the tooth line of the processed gear wheels, degrees 45o

Table diameter, mm 1800

The greatest mass of the workpiece to be installed (taking into account the mass of the fastening elements), kg 20,000

The largest diameter of the installed hob cutters, mm 300

Maximum length of installed hob cutters, mm 500

Limits of the number of cut teeth 10 ... 1800

Spindle speed limits, rpm 8 ... 125

Limits of axial feeds, mm / min:

- when running in 0.02 ... 510

- with unit division

Radial feed limits, mm / min 0.013 ... 328

The greatest torque on the spindle (not less), kN.m 2.5

Type of supply current AC three-phase

Rated frequency, Hz 50 **

Rated voltage, V 380 **

Main drive power (not less), kW 20

Overall dimensions of the machine, mm:

- length 8600

- width 4440

- height 3700

- height above floor level 3800

Machine weight, kg 32040


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