Cylinder grinder machine 3M194, 3M196, 3M197 very heavy

Cylinder grinder machine 3M194, 3M196, 3M197
Cylinder grinder machine 3M194, 3M196, 3M197 Cylinder grinder machine 3M194, 3M196, 3M197


Technical specifications: D=800mm, L=4000mm
Heavy cylindrical grinding machines 3M196 are designed for external grinding of cylindrical surfaces and conical surfaces. They are used throughout a wide range of industries ? metallurgical works, heavy and medium engineering works, ship-building yards, factories of the light and food industries. The machines are applicable for traverse and infeed hand grinding as well as for traverse grinding with automatic intermittent feed at reversal of the table.

Max. work piece diameter, mm 800
Min. work piece diameter, mm 80
Max. work piece length, mm 4000
Max. grinding length, mm 4000
Max. work piece weight, kg 10000
Size of grinding wheel, mm:
- outside diameter 400...750
- width 100
- inside diameter 305
Speed of work, rpm 8...80
Speed grinding wheel, rpm 600...1200
Traverse speed of table, mm/min 50...2000
Max. table stroke, mm 4300
Min. table stroke, mm 110
Table inclination, degrees:
- clockwise 0,3
- counterclockwise 6
Headstock rotation speed, rpm 8...80
Table movement speed, m/min 0,005...3,7
Total power required, kW 47,5
Machine dimensions, mm 14065 x 3775 x 2450
Machine weight, kg 36780


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