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CNC turning Lathe RT755F3
Horizontal boring machine UNION BFT-110/7 with CNC FANUC i0MF
Gear Hobbing machine 53A11
Gear Hobbing machine 5A342P
Cylinder grinder machine 3M194, 3M196, 3M197
Vertical borer machine 1600x1000 mm
Horizontal Boring Machine model 2A637F3 with CNC FANUC
VTL 1L532 with DRO
CNC Gear Shaper machine 5A140PF3
Vertical turning lathe 1L532F3 with CNC
Gear Shaper 5M161P
CNC Horizontal boring machine 2A622F4
Hot Forging press AKKB8040 - 1000tn, Hot Forging press AKKB8044 - 2500tn
Knukle joint coining press KB8340
Vertical turning lathe 1516F1 with DRO
VTL 1525F1
Horizntal boring machine TOS WH10NC
Vertical turning lathe 1516F1.423
Vertical milling machine CNC 65A60F3
Vertical turning lathe 1516F2
Vertical turning lathe Titan SC17
CNC Vertical milling machine 65A80F4
Vertical turning lathe 1L532 DRO
Gear shaper 5m161PF2
Vertical turning lathe DRO 1525F1
Double column cnc vertical turning lathe 1525F3 (D=2500mm)
CNC Vertical turning lathe STANKO 1516F3
Gear Hober 53A50
CNC Vertical turning lathe 1512F3 with Fanuc i0TD
Horizontal boring machine UNION BFT-90/3 with DRO
Surface grinding machine 3L722V
CNC Horizontal boring machine Hekert BFT-110/6
Horizontal boring machine Hekert BFT-90
Truning Lathe 1M65 (1000x3000mm)
Gear hobbing machine 53A11, (D=1250mm) semi-automatic
Vertical turning lathe 1516F1 with DRO system
Gear Hobber machine 53A11
Gear shaping machine 5M150PF2
Vertical turning lathe 1525F1 with DRO
Vertical Turning Lathe 1L532 SEDIN
CNC Vertical milling machine Hekert FQS-400
Vertical turning lathe 1553 SIEMENS
CNC Gear Hobber 5A342PF3
Horizontal boring machine BFT-110/6 HMI
CNC Horizontal boring machine STANKO 2B622F11
CNC Horizontal boring machine TOS WH10NC
Vertical Turning Lathe 1516F2 HMI
Vertical Turning Lathe 1516F3 CNC Fanuc i0TD
Gear shaper 800 mm model 5m150pf2
Gear shaper 2300 mm EZ-15V-PF2
Gear Shaper 5A140P, retrofitted
Gear Shaper 5M150P D=800mm
Vertical Turning Lathe 1516 /1600 mm/
Horizontal milling machine HEKERT FU400/2
Universal milling machine Hekert FU 400
Vertical milling machine HEKERT FSS-400
Vertical Turning Lathe 1516 (DRO SYSTEM)
Vertical Turning Lathe 1512
Vertical Turning Lathe 1525 CNC GSK 988T
Vertical Turning Lathe 1L532
Vertical Turning Lathe 1525F3
CNC Vertical turning lathe 1516F3
Gear Hobber 53A50
Thread milling machine ZFWVG 250-2000
Horizontal Boring machine IS 2A637
Gear Hobber 53A80
Gear Hobber 5A342P
Vertical turning machine 1516F2
Vertical milling machine 6T13 (400x1600) mm
Vertical turning lathe 1516F1 with DRO NEWALL
Horizontal boring machine Hekert BFT-90/4 with DRO
Horizontal boring machine 2E656R
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